Thursday 9 August 2018

Why should you start your language lessons in August?

September is a very busy month for language teachers and agencies, as it is 'back to school' or 'office'. It is the official end of summer in everybody's head. So why should you start your French or Spanish lessons in August?

1.     You will have priority access to the teachers' timetable. Evenings, early morning and lunch times are very popular slots. There are only 5 working days in a week if a teacher doesn't work at weekends, so book them fast if you can only do these times. Bear in mind tutors need travel time between lessons, so can only do 2 or 3 hours per evening.

2.     There is a certain 'joie de vivre' in summer that we don't have in winter. Use this joy and summer happiness to start your lessons. Language conversations in summer are mostly around nice weather, holidays, which is the nicest and easiest topics to talk about.

3.     For tutors, travelling from lesson to lesson in the evening in daylight is more pleasant in summer. If you want a late start, book it now.

4.     Tutors usually teach less hours in summer and are less tired/more relaxed in summer, this means a more patient teacher who has more time to reflect, prepare lessons and do research for you and the topics/books/programmes you are interested in.

5.     On holiday, you can study/revise at the beach and maybe practise a few words with your family or even better, the natives, if you're in France, Spain, Italy, Greece...

Have you ever started language lessons in summer? How was it? Were you more relaxed to learn?

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