Friday 26 October 2012

Voulez-vous parler nominated for the Franco-British Intercultural Trophy

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Sophie Marette, the managing director, in the middle in pink.

In September 2012, Voulez-vous parler was nominated for the Franco-British Intercultural Trophy of the French Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain. The Trophy, made by Cartier, has been awarded since 1997, and rewards a company for making particular efforts to develop stronger ties between the UK and France or has been promoting Franco-British cross-cultural relations, which Voulez-vous parler has been doing for the last 5 years. Congratulations to French Radio London who has won the Trophy, they’re a great team making programmes that I recommend:

Sunday 21 October 2012

Language Show 19 October 2012




Some of my purchases, to teach French and Spanish. The dice, from Linguascope, can be used to teach all languages. This is the beginner’s pack. and


I attended the Femaura workshop on British Sign Language, which really makes me want to attend their courses, Deafway and level 1. They’re based in N7, Caledonian road. They also have a deaf club on Thursday, where you can go to practise your Sign language.


I was also very impressed with a new product, very useful for language teachers, where the teacher or pupil can record her voice. Depending on the device, you can record from 10 seconds (£4.25) to 6 minutes. They also do USB voice recorder (6 minutes, 4 GB, 40 hours, £24.95) and Talking photo albums, a great present for Christmas for families who live far apart.

By the way, they don’t pay me to say that, I just talk about products I use, bought or am very enthusiastic about. The Language show is always a great opportunity to talk to people who make the products/books for us, language teachers. We use their products all year long for years, so they are important in our lives.

Language Show October 2012– part 1


What a great show, lots of great conferences, talks, methods, book, materials and goodies. It was also a great surprise to meet the CLE team from Paris. As you know, they’re my favourite books to teach French.