Thursday 26 April 2018

Confused with 'revenir' and 'retourner'? Read on...

Revenir and retourner create a lot of confusion and mistakes for French learners.

Here are some examples which I hope will help:

Retourner: to go back (not home)
Je voudrais retourner en Thaïlande I would like to go back to Thailand.

L'année dernière, je suis retournée en Grèce, c'était super! J'ai revu mes amis grecs.
Last year, I went back to Greece, it was great! I saw my Greek friends again. 

Revenir : to come back (come home)

Je reviens à Londres mardi I'm coming back to London on Tuesday.
A quelle heure tu reviens ce soir? What time will be be home tonight?

Quand est-ce que tu reviendras ? When will you be back?

Quand est-ce que tu es revenu? When did you come back?

Tuesday 24 April 2018

Funny French expressions

Avoir les pieds en éventail: to relax/not to do anything

Poser un lapin: to stand somebody up

Faire un carton : to be successful

Dormir sur ses deux oreilles: to sleep soundly

Monter sur ses grands chevaux: to be on one's high horse

Mettre du beurre dans les épinards: to earn extra money

Monday 9 April 2018

Craving for some sun? Here is some...summer like French music

You can listen to these at Daho l'aime pop exhibition at Philarmonie de Paris, Cité de la Musique (Pantin métro).
Daho l'aime pop

'Her', a French band, is playing on 10th April 2018 at the Jazz Cafe in Camden London.

Her groupe français