Tuesday 28 November 2017

Celebrate Christmas with our special deals

Family & Friends deals

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-20% 3 to 1 £424 (instead of £530) for 10 hours

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10% off regular prices. Please contact us for details.

Santa's office closes on 20th December, so the offers expire on that date at midnight.

To book, send us an email: sophie@voulezvousparler.com
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Saturday 21 October 2017

French common mistakes for English learners

These are my notes from a lesson I had on Friday with an advanced student, who has such fluency and speed that she can make basic mistakes.

un criminel = un délinquant
Un criminel is someone who has killed somebody

J'espère qu'il n'attend pas....(I hope he's not waiting): I hope he doesn't expect...
J'espère qu'il ne s'attend pas à ce que...+ subjonctif
J'espère qu'il ne s'attend pas à ce que j'arrive demain.
I hope he doesn't expect me to arrive tomorrow.

Dans tout le monde = dans le monde entier

extra = un supplément
On m'a demandé un supplément = I was charged extra.

Contente avec = contente de
Je suis contente de mon choix

Il est un caméraman - there is no article before professions.
Elle est prof
Elle est avocate
Elle est juge

un plan = un projet
un plan = une carte = a map

Elle a pris l'examen = elle a passé l'examen
She took the exam
Elle a réussi/eu l'examen = she passed the exam (school)

Il  n'y a pas de parking = il n'y a pas de place (de parking)
Le stationnement = parking
un parking = a car-park

Friday 20 October 2017

Monday 16 October 2017

Improve your French watching 10% or 'Call my agent' (English title)

This French series is a big hit in France. It is funny, 'grinçant' and very truthful about the world of cinema agents.

Season 1 Trailer

Trailer Season 2 (not out yet in the UK)

You will learn Business French and a lot of rude words.

Saturday 12 August 2017

French Airbnb holidays: 10 sentences I wish I had learnt.

1. Sorry, our flight is delayed by an hour. Désolé, notre vol a une heure de retard.

2. Sorry, my French isn't very good, but I'm taking lessons. Désolé(e), mon français n'est pas très bon, mais je prends des cours.
3. It doesn't work, can you help me please? Ca ne marche pas. Pourriez-vous m'aider s'il vous plaît?
4. Can we leave later, after check-out time? Est-ce qu'on peut partir plus tard? Après l'heure du check-out?
5. It wasn't written in the flat profile. Ce n'était pas écrit dans la description de l'appartement.
6. I can't find... Je n'arrive pas à trouver...

7. Can we leave our suitcases here till this evening? Est-ce qu'on peut laisser nos valises ici jusqu'à ce soir?
8. It would really help us. Ca nous arrangerait beaucoup.
The owner refuses. Le propriétaire refuse.
9. That's a bother, but I accept your decision. Ca ne m'arrange pas, mais j'accepte votre décision.
10. What do you recommend for our 3 day stay in the town? Qu'est-ce que vous recommandez pour nos trois jours ici?
Note: in spoken French, we use 'on' rather than 'nous', which is more for writing.
What is/are the sentence/s you wish you had known during your past holiday? What would it have stopped happening?