Thursday, 22 February 2018

Flu and cold season - Talk about illness in French

Comment ça va? How are you?

Je suis malade: I'm ill

J'ai un rhume: I have a cold

J'ai la grippe: I have the flu

Important cultural note: the word flu - for my French mind - is over-used in England. In France, la grippe is only when you are in bed and can't move. If you're at work or can do things, you don't have la grippe).

J'ai été malade/au lit pendant une semaine: I was ill/in bed for a week

Qu'est-ce que tu prends? What are you taking?

Tu as vu un médecin/un docteur? Have you seen your GP?

Bon rétablissement: Get well soon

Je prends: I take...

Je suis mort/kaput: I'm dead

Je ne peux plus bouger: I can't move

J'ai été hospitalisé/e: I've been hospitalized

Je suis allé/e/j'ai dû aller aux urgences:  I had to go to A & E

Tu as un mouchoir? Do you have a tissue?

J'ai été en congé maladie pendant une semaine: I was off work for a week

Le congé maternité: Pregnancy leave

La carte vitale: the Sécurité sociale (French NHS) card French people present to their doctor/specialist/chemist, which allows a free or reduced rate consultation/free or reduced rate medicine, depending on your mutuelle (private insurance). If you don't have one, you will be looked at as if you're an alien.

What phrases/words would you like me to add on this post?

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Top 10 French phrases to know

1.      Il y a/il y aura/il y avait: There is/there will be /there was/were
2.      Comment? How?
3.      Comment on dit... en français? How do you say... this in French?
4.      Comment est-ce que ça se prononce? How do you say it ?
5.      J’ai besoin de ...I need...
6.      Ca te plaît ? Do you like it?
7.      Ca te dit? Do you fancy it?
8.      Tu as envie de...? Do you feel like...?
9.      Je n’arrive pas à m’en souvenir : I can’t remember.
10.  C’est logique : it makes sense.
What are yours? Quelles sont les vôtres?