Monday 4 February 2013

Language exchange, the best way to progress and discover the world


Do you often think you or your children don’t progress fast enough? Language exchanges with England (Kent and Yorskshire) in my teens are probably the reason I now live in England. Not only did I meet very welcoming families, who took me out for great visits, made me try new sports such as squash, step and windsurfing, but it also gave me great insight into the English culture, which I was already fond of, and gave me vocabulary I was never to learn in school. 2 decades later, I now live in Kent, and I wish I could tell my host families how important these moments were to me and the person I was about to become.

So if you’re ready to take the plunge, read this:

Kinder Exchange organizes cultural and linguistic exchanges.

They match children and teenagers of similar ages, hobbies and home environments between France and the UK.

They put in touch the two families who then organize the exchange the way they want. Their job is to make the exchange easy, enjoyable and safe.

They’re looking for children and teenagers between 11 & 17 who are interested in a linguistic exchange in the summer.

Many French teenagers have already registered for the summer so don’t delay!

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