Thursday 26 April 2018

Confused with 'revenir' and 'retourner'? Read on...

Revenir and retourner create a lot of confusion and mistakes for French learners.

Here are some examples which I hope will help:

Retourner: to go back (not home)
Je voudrais retourner en Thaïlande I would like to go back to Thailand.

L'année dernière, je suis retournée en Grèce, c'était super! J'ai revu mes amis grecs.
Last year, I went back to Greece, it was great! I saw my Greek friends again. 

Revenir : to come back (come home)

Je reviens à Londres mardi I'm coming back to London on Tuesday.
A quelle heure tu reviens ce soir? What time will be be home tonight?

Quand est-ce que tu reviendras ? When will you be back?

Quand est-ce que tu es revenu? When did you come back?

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