Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Top 10 expressions to talk about cold weather in French

Voilà! La neige has arrived in London, and everyone is talking about the snow. Here is an article with winter and cold expressions in French:

1. Il neige! It's snowing!

2. Il gèle: it's freezing

3. Ca caille! It's freezing (slang) [pronounce: 'sa', not 'ka']

4. Elle fond? Is it melting?

5. La glace: ice

6.  La neige fondue: sleet

7. Gratter le pare-brise: to grate the wind-screen

8. Du liquide anti-gel: anti-freeze

9. Bloqué(es): stranded

10. Le froid glacial: icy cold

Articles from France related to the cold/snow from 27 February 2018:



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